Who We Are

Let’s start with the bottom line. You want results. You want a partner who will do what they promise, do it when they said they’d do it, do it for what they said they’d do it for, and get the results you need. And that’s what Longworth delivers. That’s who we are.

Just like everyone else in the media business, we’re immersed in the latest research and trends. We dance comfortably on the sharpest blades of leading edge media channels. But there’s a lot more to us than that. We have more than three decades of experience managing national, regional and local clients, and developing the marketing strategies that seamlessly dovetail into media plans. The result is an integrated, relationship-rich approach to marketing and media that makes both work harder, and better, for you and your bottom line.

Though we’ve been at it for over 30 years, we haven’t lost our enthusiasm. In fact, we’re just as excited to get to work in the morning as we were on our first day. Why? Because watching strategies and plans get the results we all want is thrilling. It’s that excitement that binds us and our clients into extraordinary, long-term relationships. And from extraordinary relationships, extraordinary things happen.